Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Here I will be sharing my study abroad experience during my four months in Copenhagen, Denmark. Check back weekly for new posts!

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COVID-19 Sent Us Home

It has been nearly two weeks now since I landed back in the States. I haven't been able to find the words or the motivation to sit down and reflect on everything that happened. It all happened so fast. The night before I was sharing celebratory drinks alongside my best abroad friends, celebrating D's 21st... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Stockholm

Following long study tour, a few of my friends from my core course and LLC decided to travel to Stockholm, Sweden for the weekend! Don't get me wrong, this weekend was so much fun, but after traveling non-stop all week for long study tour- I almost had wished we did not travel this weekend. I... Continue Reading →

Long Study Tour: Finland & Estonia

Hi blog, It's been a minute. It is getting to that point in the semester where I've really been fighting to stay motivated. After a whole week of traveling (which obviously is a dream), I can definitely say it really tires you out. I've spent the past week taking some much needed time for some... Continue Reading →

First Weekend Expedition: London

Early Valentine's Day morning, I was rudely awakened by the piercingly loud ringing of my iPhone alarm. On any other morning, I would angrily turn it off and roll over in hopes to enjoy another 5-10 minutes of sleep... or just the serenity of laying with my eyes closed. However this morning was different. I... Continue Reading →

Why an LLC?

When applying to DIS, I was overwhelmed with all of the different housing choices they had to offer. Many of my friends who have gone abroad had been required to stay in a homestay/ did not have an array of housing options to choose from. A majority of my friends had stayed in home stays-... Continue Reading →

To Pack: Copenhagen

I found that when it came to packing for 4 months abroad, it seems impossible to fit your whole life in just a few bags. I also couldn't seem to really find any study abroad packing lists that seemed realistic for me. It has been a few weeks since I've left the States and I... Continue Reading →

A Recap of Week 1

It's crazy to think that I have already been in Denmark for nearly a week! Just under a week ago, I was saying final goodbyes to my friends and family and wiping tears from my eyes as I departed from my parents at JFK. I enjoyed my last meal in America, which was some sort... Continue Reading →

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